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Outsourced COO solution

The Chief Operating Officer of a company is responsible for executing a company’s strategy and delivering results. COO have the experience and expertise to turn vision into an actionable strategy. Treehouse Strategy offers an outsourced COO solution that can help your company get to the next level. Whether you have an existing COO and are looking for an outside advisor, or you’re a small to mid-size business not yet requiring a full-time COO, we can help.

Treehouse Strategy can:

  • Develop and implement operating strategy
  • Improve overall operating margin
  • Lower operating cost
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Develop key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Build a scalable organization
  • Build and develop a management team

Strategic planning is one of the most important functions for business owners or CEOs to undertake and yet it is often one of the most frequently under-serviced. When done well, strategic planning furthers the vision of a company and becomes the foundation for successful execution. When done haphazardly, a strategic plan comes with an abundance of analysis but is thin on an executable plan. In short, it does not resonate and instead creates organization anxieties.

Treehouse Strategy uses its proven methodology to guide CEOs and business owners through the strategic planning process, from the full articulation of vision to a full analysis of SWOT, competition, market, and industry. We help the companies we work with map out an actionable plan that is often missing in strategic planning; the actionable plan comprises milestones, targets, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Strategic planning


Predictive analytics and insights creation

Treehouse Strategy works with its clients to develop predictive algorithms based on existing data. The predictive algorithms have applications across many disciplines such as supply chain management, risk analysis, and customer relationships. We work with CIOs and business units to create a strategy for data management and develop better business insights based on these predictive analytics.

The data a company has about its customers, suppliers, and itself contains rich stories that can be extremely revealing, if you can weave that narrative. The fabric of that narrative is the business analytics.

Data, transformed by business analytics, becomes intelligence—intelligence that you can use to answer questions such as:

What are your most profitable markets?

Who is your most efficient and productive supplier?

Treehouse offers customized business analytics solutions to help you derive business intelligence from data, and in the process drive up revenue and drive down costs.


Successful companies apply gaming concepts and mechanics to business context. Through this process of gamification, companies are able to increase employee engagement and thereby increasing revenue, productivity, and drive down costs.

Treehouse combines insights, practices, and theory from organizational development, strategy, training, and data analysis to devise effective gamification strategies to help companies grow their business. Gamification can be used to improve customer loyalty, increase employee retention rate, and enhance supplier performance.

Gamify success


Strategic technology advisory

If your company is a technology user...

Treehouse Strategy offers strategic technology advisory services to help you:

  • Select the right suppliers and technology
  • Develop a strategic technology roadmap
  • Facilitate meetings and develop value proposition of IT implementations
  • Implement technology solutions that enhance business performance and results

BPO, the outsourcing of specific business tasks such as billing, is typically associated with large enterprises outsourcing vast volumes of back office functions. Now, there is a BPO solution for small and medium size businesses.

With our partner, Treehouse Strategy offers a BPO solution designed for small and medium-size businesses. Examples of things you can outsource as a small- or medium-size business include transactions processing, data processing, customer service outsourcing, product support, as well as order taking and management.

Our solution can be scaled from small to large. Contact us today to see how we can build a customized BPO solution for your business.

Business process outsourcing


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